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History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Victor & Mable Niemeyer bought the present location on Elm Street from Mound City Casket Company in 1939.  Mr. and Mrs. Niemeyer operated the business until 1946, and then sold the business to the Nelson Family Funeral Home in Carroll County Arkansas.  On the same day the Nelson Family bought the funeral home, they sold it to Mr. Niemeyer’s competitor, Ed and Mary Wilks.  Mr. and Mrs. Wilks owned and operated the funeral home until 1976, when Donavon and Mary Lou Lakin purchased the business.  In 1989, their son, Scott, began working with them as an embalmer and funeral director in the family business.

Since 1939, there have been many changes to this location including a new modern spacious chapel, a new casket display room, office spaces, and a floral shop.  Much technology has also been added to the funeral business with online obituaries, on-line guestbook for those who are unable to pay respects at a visitation or service but want to send a message to the family, a drop-down screen for video tributes of one’s life, and a new music library for families to choose songs from for their loved one’s funeral, or memorial service.  A funeral or memorial service today can look many different ways and is designed to meet the desires of each individual family. 

Also changing are the types of services families request.  There are many choices and options provided for families to choose from so they can honor and remember their loved ones.  Some of the options today are Video Tributes, two- or three-fold picture memorials, various sizes of urns and containers to choose from, and many decorations and panels to use on the caskets.  Every family can have the service they wish for to honor and pay tribute to their loved one.  Services can be as simple or complex as the family chooses.

As we work with a person who has passed away, we always remember they were loved by many people, have left many memories behind, and are going to be missed.  We know this is the last “nice thing” we can do for this person before their family and friends come to visit and memorialize their life.  Our goal is to serve our friends and families, as we have for the past 35 years, with dignity and affordable pricing.  We strive to give ALL families a way to honor their loved ones regardless of financial circumstances.  Everybody deserves to be honored and respected by those who love them, and those who are left behind deserve to have the opportunity to honor their loved ones.  Friendliness, kindness, and sympathy are always FREE to all visiting the funeral home.  Families of all faiths are served through the community, in the state, and all across the nation.

Our Valued Staff

Scott Lakin

Scott Lakin, Owner, Funeral Director, Preneed Sales & Embalmer

Scott graduated from Pierce City High School in 1984, and graduated from Kansas City, Kansas Community College of Embalming in 1989. He has worked for Lakin Funeral Home for over 30 years embalming and meeting with families. He is also currently the Lawrence County Coroner, elected in 2008, after serving as deputy coroner for many years. Scott is a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. Scott is married to Brenda. Since Don passed away in September 2019, Scott has taken over the day-to-day operations of the funeral home and wants to continue serving families at their time of need.Scott is active in the Masonic Lodge in Pierce City and the Shrine. He also previously served on the city council in Pierce City. He is a member of Verona Baptist Church. He enjoys fishing and hunting.

Mary Lou Lakin

Mary Lou Lakin, Funeral Director

Mary Lou graduated from Parkview High School in Springfield, MO in 1962. She has been a part of the funeral business since she married Don and continues to be active in the business today. Mary Lou and her husband, Don, purchased Lakin Funeral Home in 1976. She is a Licensed Funeral Director. Mary Lou helps with many of the day-to-day tasks. She is usually the one answering the phone when people call the funeral home. Mary Lou's Dad, Keith Kelly, was born and raised near Pierce City in the Jolly Mills area. She still has extended family living in the Pierce City area.

Brenda K Lakin

Brenda K Lakin, Funeral Director and Preneed Sales

Brenda graduated from Willard High School in 1988. She has a doctorate in Educational Administration from Lindenwood University and has worked in the public schools for the past 31 years serving students in special education. She has worked for the Aurora School District for the past 16 years as the Director of Special Education and currently teaches graduate classes for William Woods University. Brenda is married to Scott and is a Licensed Funeral Director and a licensed insurance agent who is able to sell preneeds. She is an Independent Agent representing Homesteaders Life Company and enjoys working with families as they plan their last wishes. Brenda is very involved in the community. She has been a member of the Crosslines Board (Monett) since 2019 and is currently serving as President. She is also a member of Verona Baptist Church where she works with the children and helps coordinate ministry opportunities for the children/teenagers (ie. Christmas and Easter plays, skits, videos, etc.)

Donavon C. Lakin

Donavon C. Lakin, Previous Owner & Funeral Director

Donavon C. Lakin graduated from Bolivar High School in 1956, graduated from Southwest Baptist College in Bolivar, and then graduated from John A. Gupton School of Mortuary Science in 1960. Don was a Licensed Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer. In 1986, Don was appointed to the Missouri State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors and served two terms on that board. In 2005, Don served as president of the Missouri Coroners and Medical Examiners Association. He made a lasting impact for the funeral business and enjoyed the legal part of the business. Don and Mary Lou Lakin purchased Lakin Funeral Home in 1976. He was the owner and director up until he passed away.Don passed away in September 2019 and has been missed by many in the community and throughout the state of Missouri. He impacted many in the community and was also often an encouragement to those entering the funeral business. Because of his many hours of service to the community and the state board, his legacy continues today.

Kelly Lakin

Kelly Lakin, Funeral Director

Kelly Lakin, the youngest son of the Lakins, is also a Licensed Funeral Director. He helps when called upon to assist in the family funeral business but is a Grow Out Supervisor employed by Cargill Turkey Production, LLC. Kelly is also an auctioneer and helps many around the area with auctions. He is active in the Masonic Lodge in Pierce City and the Shrine. He enjoys hunting, farming, and traveling.